Acoustic Sound Editing

Noise pollution is one of the most important problems of the modern age. In the open or closed areas, too many and various sounds interfere with each other and extremely disturbing, even harmful to the physical and mental health. For this reason, insulation systems are used in today's buildings to prevent noise from entering or to prevent the sound in noisy environment. Acoustic sound insulation provides a sound environment in homes and workplaces, and increases the quality of life and work efficiency. In addition, sound insulation is legal in some places. Sound insulation is obligatory in cinema and theater halls, sports halls, meeting rooms, conference halls, wedding halls, call centers and music studios.

The material to be used for sound insulation is determined according to the characteristics of the space. For this, a discovery should be made in the space. Sponges with various properties such as fireproof are used in sound insulation. Sound insulation sponges both prevent disturbing sounds and regulate sound acoustics in the environment. Sound insulation sponges produced in different thicknesses have different types such as pyramid sponge, egg sponge and pyramid sponge.

In sports halls and especially in factories where machines produce very loud noises, high sounds must be absorbed. Otherwise, especially in factories, it is difficult for the workers to focus on the work, the productivity of the work decreases and even work accidents can be caused. This absorption will be ensured by acoustic sound insulation. However, sound insulation must be made by professional companies who are experts in their fields. With years of experience, Panelkon makes high quality sound insulation applications by using the most suitable materials for every kind of place. Before the insulation application, our expert team makes the discovery in the place and determines the most suitable material for the place.

The acoustic sound arrangement to be made in the spaces will provide the necessary environment in the spaces. It should be ensured that the materials to be used while sound insulation is compatible with the structural elements. For this reason, the choice of construction material should be selected in accordance with sound insulation when planning the construction. We make the most suitable sound insulation for all kinds of spaces as Panelkon. After the discovery study, we determine the sound insulation prices according to the size and structure of the area to be insulated. You will have a place where you will live peacefully with the quality sound insulation we will make and you will not have any discomfort while working. Do not decide to have soundproofing without contacting us.