Istanbul Conference Chair

We offer a wide range of products for your needs under the leadership of our quality standards and your satisfaction for Istanbul conference chairs and chairs!

You are searching on Google to find the best quality conference chair at the most affordable prices, you want complete delivery and assembly after purchase. We want to offer you the healthiest and highest quality products at affordable prices with our quality certificates, high-level production standards and production in our own factory!


What kind of solutions does Panelkon offer?

Panelkon, which offers professional solutions for the conference chair needs of corporate companies, schools, universities and state institutions, meets the demands of all Turkey by producing conference hall chairs in Istanbul.

Panelkon contributes to the achievement of the desired aesthetics in conference halls with its useful ergonomic designs. It offers effective solutions according to the size of the conference hall with its rich colour, model and seat types.

Tüm konferans koltuğu modellerimizi inceleyin!

konferans koltuğuWe want to answer your search for conference hall seats with our responsible, meticulous and unique working principle.

We want to help you create the ambience you want to create in your conference hall with many types of conference chairs and models that are unique to us with our own production.

Conference hall chairs and chairs suitable for the budget of every institution and organisation are manufactured in our factory located in Silivri, Istanbul. Each production stage is processed in TSE standards, transparently and taking into account health conditions.

Our main priority in all the services we provide is to ensure the satisfaction of the institutions requesting conference chairs and the most accurate arrangement of conference halls.

Panelkon, which has one of the largest conference chair factories in Istanbul, provides support to its customers with its after-sales service network as well as producing both decorative and comfortable conference chairs. If you wish, you can request after-sales transport, conference chair assembly operations and multiple support covering all these processes.

You can write to us at any time or contact us by calling us.


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