Seminar Chairs

From time to time, companies and government agencies conduct seminars on specific subjects for their employees. It is within the normal business of the firms that experts in the field give seminars to the employees about the new developments in order to increase work efficiency. For this reason, there are also specially prepared seminar rooms in company and institution buildings. If there is no seminar room within the company, private seminar rooms are used. The participants of the seminar have to sit for hours and follow the lecture and take notes. Therefore the seminar seats should be comfortable and comfortable. As Panelkon, we produce comfortable, comfortable and stylish seminar hall seats for seminar halls.

As Panelkon, we produce the desired number of seats in the model and color you want, with prices that are appropriate to your budget, and meet the demands in this field to a large extent. We are one of the best companies in the sector with our production in our modern facilities without compromising on quality. Our products are tested for body health before production and do not cause any discomfort to the person even if they sit in the seminar chairs for a long time. The sponge and flooring materials used are also selected with the comfort of the participants in mind.


Standard Seats

Some of our standard seat models suitable for seminar halls


VIP Seats

Some of our VIP seat models suitable for seminar halls