Conference Chairs

Meetings and conferences are an important part of the work of the company and the government. Meeting rooms and conference rooms are located in the premises of large corporate and government agencies. There are also dedicated conference rooms for large-scale conferences. Companies and institutions benefit from these halls for large-scale conferences. Stylish and modern conference rooms give prestige to companies and institutions. Conference chairs and seats are the most important elements that bring comfort and aesthetics to these halls. However, we see that there is an important gap in the production of conference seats in our country. We, as Panelkon, considerably close this gap.

We have a wide range of products for different tastes and needs. With our range of colors, materials and designs, we offer our customers numerous alternatives. We produce our seats in our own modern facilities equipped with technology. While giving importance to aesthetics and comfort in design, we never compromise on material quality. You can examine our range of products suitable for every taste and need from our catalogs or you can come to our facilities to see. Apart from our existing varieties, we also prepare and produce customized designs.


Standard Seats

Some of our standard seat models suitable for conference rooms