Stadium Seats

Stadiums are places where thousands of people watch the game with enthusiasm. It has open and closed sections, and viewers sit in specially designed seats in these sections. In the protocol section and in the closed section we see more comfortable and stylish seats, but in the open section more durable, impact resistant, sun, fire, rain, storm resistant materials are used. As Panelkon, we produce stadium seats specially designed for stadiums and sports halls. Although there are many companies operating in this field in our country, companies are in high demand because of the increasing number of stadiums and renewing old seats.

As Panelkon, we try to meet these demands by making mass production in our own modern facilities. We use pvc, plastic and polypropylene materials in stadium seats. Our products are extremely resistant to external factors and outdoor weather conditions. Colors do not fade, easy to clean. The seats have orthopedic seating and provide full comfort to the occupants. During the match, you can sit comfortably without any discomfort. Seat designs are specially prepared for this comfort.

Disassembly of seats in the event of excitement and violence in the stadium is the most common situation. In order to prevent such situations, the seats are secured with screw connections. In the stadium seat colors, club colors are generally preferred. In addition, vibrant and enthusiastic colors are also preferred. Panelkon as protocol and closed sections for usable, robust and comfortable grandstand seats we produce. Stadium seats, tribune seats, protocol, vip tribune seats models, production, manufacture, companies, prices, you can see the answers to your query on our website, catalog or production plants. You can order any model, color and quantity you want. We're getting orders from all over Turkey.

The most preferred model for stadium seats is with or without fixed backrest. These models are also more affordable at prices. However, for the protocol sections, flip-back, backrest, armrest models are preferred. These models also enhance the viewing pleasure. You can contact us to order, you can tell us your model and color preferences, the number you need. According to these features, we give you a price quote. We also determine the delivery date according to the number of orders. We always deliver your products on delivery date. Out-of-town shipping fee is also our customer's.